Competition Pancakes

One fun thing about eating clean is you get to find new ways to use foods, and healthier recipes for things you love but probably shouldn’t be eating.

Although I’ve stuck to a pretty basic diet for the last five months, I have been starting to miss variation and craving something new here and there.

This weekend I made two new recipes using healthy ingredients that are yummy alternatives to non-diet friendly foods.


These zucchini chips were super easy. I made them just like I do kale chips. Be sure to slice the zucchini very thin so they get crispy. Spray lightly with olive oil cooking spray (be sure to spray tray as well) and I seasoned with Mrs. Dash. Cook at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes or until they are mostly crispy. We had a little hummus on the side. Delish!


Sunday is a low carb day for me since it is technically a rest day. But when it was time to eat my last meal before bed I put my macros in and I was way low on calories and protein for the day. So I whipped up this little pancake!

I added a scoop of chocolate whey (I used Optimum Nutrition 100% Natural) to 4 egg whites, a dash of almond milk and stevia and cooked in a pan. For the frosting on top I mixed one tablespoon PB2 with one tablespoon Dymatize Iso-100 whey (vanilla), a little stevia and enough almond milk to make it creamy (it doesn’t take much.) I topped the whole thing with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

This was so yummy and filling. Using protein powder will make the frosting a little sticky, but that’s a small price to pay to save on sugar and calories. In all this had about 250 calories, four grams of fat, ten grams of carbs, and 45 grams of protein.

A perfect Pre-comp meal that fit my macros and won’t sabotage my goals!


Day After Day: A Week of Workouts















How did you get moving this week?

Round Two

It has now been almost three weeks since my first fitness competition.

I am two weeks out from my second competition.

Some things have stayed the same, some things have changed.

As with anything, I’ve learned from my experiences prepping for the first show and made some changes that I think will improve my performance and physique for my second time around.


Currently my weight has not changed pretty much since the week after the show. That’s good. I’m trying to drop a little more body fat, but I don’t want to loose too much more weight since I now know I will drop 2-3 pounds peak week alone.

I have added a little more muscle definition to my abs and legs.

I’m really excited about the progress in my legs. They are the stragglers, the last body part to come along and they weren’t where they should have been for the first show. I’m hoping the judges will be impressed at how much progress I’ve made in just a few weeks.


At three weeks out once again I added morning fasted cardio back into my routine. In the past it has really worked for dropping body fat.

The one difference this time around is I did not drop my calories and carbs as low as last time. For the first show, I had more leaning out to do and I wasn’t sure if I would come down in time. Because of this I cut my calories and carbs pretty low.

This time, I’m more comfortable with my leaning out, and I don’t want to drop too much and start losing muscle mass along with weight.

Lately too I feel my body asking for carbs, especially post-workout, and I’m choosing to listen and not deprive myself. Don’t get me wrong- my macros are still lower than they would be if I was not in contest prep, they just aren’t as drastically low as they were in the final weeks before my first show.

IMG_0744I’ve maintained my confidence and positive attitude for the most part as well. This time there are fewer unknowns, so I feel less uncertainty about what to expect and how my body will respond to the final stages of prep.

One thing I know for sure is my body and posing are better than they were last time, and that’s all I can hope for.

Keep working to be better, and believing in myself.

Humble Beginnings

Today I am humbled in the best way.

As someone new to Personal Training, I never pass up the chance to learn from others in the field who have much more knowledge and experience than myself.


Today I had the chance to train with Reggie Young, a Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur, and all-around motivator.

It was FREAKIN’ awesome.

I must say, he kicked my BUTT and I was struggling but I loved every moment of that struggle. No matter how hard you work yourself, someone else can always push you 300x harder.

Even though I’ve been working out for years and know more about health and fitness than many people, I recognize the fact there is SO MUCH I don’t know, and the only way to learn more and be better is to open myself up and be a STUDENT to those who know more than me.

After my torture training session with Reggie, I listened to a new audiobook on the drive home that was a PERFECT way to drive this message home.


Georges St. Pierre is my favorite athlete. His book talks about the path to achieving success, reaching a goal, and being your best at whatever it is you set out to do.

Georges talks about being a student- the more you learn, the more there IS to learn, and what a wonderful, magical experience that is.


Never stop learning.

Never stop growing.

Stay humble. Stay open. Stay strong.

When your time comes, you’ll be ready.

What’s Beautiful

What’s beautiful to you?

Confident, strong, hard working and tough women are beautiful to me.

Under Armour Women agrees, and they’ve launched a new campaign to “redefine the female athlete.”


It’s an opportunity for women to declare goals, and share their journeys as they reach and achieve those goals.

I’ve followed one of the previous winners on Instagram for a while, and having the chance to see her document her hard work and success was motivating and inspiring.

When I heard about the new round starting Tuesday, I signed up right away!


My goal is to win a fitness competition, master 10 consecutive pull-ups, inspire others, and love and respect myself throughout this process. I will be posting videos and pictures for the next eight weeks to show how I’m doing.

Your goal doesn’t have to be specific, it just has to be something you commit to working to achieve.

Ladies I encourage you to sign up! There are great prizes, including Under Armour gift bags, and three winners get a trip and a chance to train with UA Women!!


If you are interested in signing up, go to and check it out. Look me up too and let’s create a team!

Setting goals, reaching them and inspiring others to do the same- now THAT is beautiful.