Meal Planning

A key component of the Meals.Muscles.Motivation lifestyle is meal planning. In order to fuel your metabolism, you need to eat every 3-4 hours. Because you’re eating clean, you can’t rely on restaurants, convenience stores, or vending machines when it is meal time.

You must plan, prepare, and pack.

Never leave home without it. A day’s worth of meals in my 6Pack Fitness bag.

Meal planning starts with planning. Write down all your meals and snacks for the week ahead. Then, make a grocery list based on your meal plan.

After you do your grocery shopping, it is time to prepare. I spend my Sundays in the kitchen, cooking food for the week ahead. Grill your lean proteins, cut veggies, cook sweet potatoes, etc. Then portion everything out so during the busy workweek you can just grab and go.

The last step is packing. You are going to need a lot of plastic containers and BPA free bottles, and you also need a cooler or lunch bag large enough to hold all your meals. I use a 6pack Fitness bag and I LOVE it. The bag holds three small plastic containers, and has space on the sides for fruit or water bottles. I never leave home without a large refillable BPA free bottle. Gotta hydrate!

Eating clean and living lean means taking control of your diet, and that starts with meal planning. Leaving it to chance makes it all too likely you’ll find yourself hungry and reaching for some processed junk that will take you farther away from your goals.


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