Body Weight Blast


Burpees 15-20 repetitions (reps)
Curtsy Lunges 12-15 reps per leg
Leg Over/Duck Unders  (per side) 12-15 reps
Full Body Regular Pushups 12-15  reps
Cross Body Toe Touches (per side) 12-15  reps
Jump Squats 15-20 reps
Rest 2mins

Repeat 3-5 times

Description of Movements

Bend down place hands, in front of the body, pop your feet out into plank position, pop your feet back in, and stand up.  The hop at the end (that you learned in gym class) when you stand up is optional.

Cross Under Reverse Lunges
With hands on hips and feet together, take one step back and behind the front leg, bending both the front knee and back knee into 90 degree of flexion.   Push through the heel of the front leg, (rather than through the back foot), and stand back up. Repeat for the other leg in the opposite direction.

Leg Over/Duck Unders  (per side) 
Pretend there is a track ‘hurdle’ in front of you. Stand perpendicular to the ‘hurdle’, and with your hands on your hips, swing one leg sideways over the hurdle, and then quickly swing the other leg over the hurdle.   Once both feet are back on the floor,  quickly ‘duck’ under the hurdle, in a squat position.  Repeat again, 12-15x per side, and repeat the other side.

Full Body Regular Pushups
Pushups work your whole body. If you are unable to do a full body pushup, start with a pushup on your knees, and your hands about shoulder width apart.  To progress this movement on your knees try to touch your chest to the floor before returning to the start position.   You can always mix and match your pushups to add progression – such as 3-4 full body pushups, finishing off the set with knee pushups.

Cross Body Toe Touches (per side)
Lay in an X position on your back on the floor or mat.  Lift your right arm and left leg across your body together, meeting in the middle of your torso bringing your shoulder blades off the floor in a crunch. Repeat the other side for a total of 12-15 reps per side.

Jump Squats
To finish off the circuit you are going to do jump squats.  Standing with your hands on your hips jump your feet out slightly wider than shoulder width into a squat. Quickly rebound to your feet back together, touch quickly your feet together on the ground, and rebound again into the squat position.  Make sure to keep your back flat, your chest up and your abs engaged – ABC –  (abs, back, chest)


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