Back in December of 2005, I was a 20-something woman with a full-time job, a steady income, and a live-in boyfriend. I was just starting to experience life as an adult, trying to figure out who I was and who I wanted to be.

I was also unhealthy and inactive.  My diet was made up of fast food and junk.  For years I told people “I don’t eat fruits and vegetables.”

It all changed when I saw myself in this photo taken at Christmas 2005.

Me, Dec. 2005

I didn’t want to believe that woman was me.  How did I get to this point?  Had I given up?

At the time, I was a smoker, drank recreationally, and had terrible eating habits. Fast-food was a regular part of my diet. I drank pop every day. Because I never packed a lunch for work or ate breakfast, I would often eat donuts or treats brought into the office or find myself at the vending machine buying a candy bar. I worked an early morning shift and was always tired. Even though I had a boyfriend who loved me and found me attractive, I was uncomfortable with my body and didn’t want him to see it.

I hated not being happy with the way I looked, but more than that, I wanted to feel good.  I knew I had to get tough with myself and make some serious changes.

I quit smoking, and started exercising. And as I exercised more, not only did my body change, but my eating habits did, too.  I wanted to eat healthier foods.  Junk food was less and less appealing.  I started to feel good about myself.

Over a period of months and years, I grew to love exercise. I learned to like foods I had never tried or even in some cases, heard of.  I had tons of energy, slept well, and was more positive and happy.

In 2008 I became a certified Group Exercise Instructor. I started teaching classes, and talking to other people about how they could lose weight and improve their lives through healthy living.

Fast-forward to 2012, and I’ve made the decision to follow my passion and become a Certified Personal Trainer. Being able to motivate other people to make positive changes is such a blessing. I can think of nothing I would rather do than help others be happy and healthy!

Join me on this journey! Email me or find me on facebook/twitter and let’s do this!


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