Full-body Circuit Workout

If you’re short on time for your workout, circuits can be a great way to get your strength training and cardio in, in a short amount of time.

Circuit style workouts involve doing a single set of an exercise then moving immediately onto the next exercise until all have been completed. After a short rest, the entire circuit is repeated as many times as desired.

Today I wanted a full-body workout to ease back into my routine after my competition. Something strenuous enough to get my heart rate up and hit all the major muscle groups, without a long session in the gym.


Do ten reps of each exercise then move immediately on to the next. Rest a minute then repeat. I did the whole thing four times for a thirty minute workout.

Squat with kettle bell swing
Weighted squat
Weighted lunges
Overhead shoulder press
Pull-ups, assisted pull-ups or lat pull down machine
Bicep curls
Hanging leg raises or Roman chair


Remember your intensity should be high so be sure you’re using heavy enough weights, but always using proper form.


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