Hanging Up My Clear Heels (for now)

Just five weeks after competing in my first fitness competition and placing third, I was back on stage hoping to do even better the second time around.

Things did not go the way I hoped.


Physically I was satisfied, my physique came in tight, my abs a little fuller and my lower body a tiny bit leaner.

Five weeks wasn’t enough time to add any size to my shoulders or develop more definition in my legs but I was confident it wouldn’t hold me back too much.


My tan came out MUCH better this time! I went to Reverse Vanity Day Spa in Columbus and had three sessions to slowly build the color. Each time it developed more quickly and looked better and better. It turned out perfectly and I didn’t even need a touch up the day of the show. That was a huge relief and one less thing to worry about.

I did my own hair and makeup and opted for a more “natural” look.


For this show, I again entered the Open Figure category, but also chose to compete in the “Bikini Best Body” category. It was only a small added cost and since my physique is similar to those of bikini competitors, I thought, why not?


I woke up Saturday feeling super confident and excited to compete. Hubby acted as my coach and was by my side all day, helping me prep and keeping me on track.

We shared a dressing room with some other competitors who were so nice and a lot of fun to hang out with. It made for a great day.


There we only five of us in the bikini category. The other girls had a more “sexy” look than myself, and I really didn’t practice any poses for it so when I got on stage I was a little awkward. I just tried to smile and look thin and sexy but classy.

The thing about having such a small group is, everyone gets a trophy, but it also means the difference between first and fifth is winner and loser.

I got fourth. So, second to last. The winner actually told me she was surprised I didn’t place higher. I had the most toned physique of all the girls, but I guess the judges were really looking for a more sexy, soft look.


Figure was really my focus for this show, so I wasn’t too disappointed about Bikini but wish I would have placed at least third.

There ended up being less time between the two categories than I’d anticipated, and I wasn’t very happy with my pump/prep before hitting the stage for figure. I also felt my front posing was a little off.

My individual walk was good though, and I felt like I was getting great eye contact and smiles from the judges. A couple of the girls even told me how impressed they were with my poise and confidence.

But in the end, it came down to size. The women in this show were much larger and more muscular than the last show, and I didn’t even compare.


You can see here. The woman on the right took second place. She is HUGE compared to me. I look like a twig.


I didn’t make top five. I won’t know for a few days where I actually placed but it doesn’t matter. I honestly never expected I wouldn’t be top five. Talk about humbling.

Truth is, yes I am disappointed. How can I not be? I went into this to win the competition, and I didn’t even make top five.

But, after sulking for a few hours last night while my amazingly supportive and loving husband tried to boost me up, I went to bed and woke up with a new attitude.

So I didn’t place. I wasn’t on level with these women. That doesn’t mean I don’t look good, or that my body isn’t good enough. I look and feel the best I ever had, and I went out and gave it my all and enjoyed every moment. That’s what matters.


So what now? Well, I am giving myself today to relax, and not think about competing for a bit. I plan to compete again but right now I am not allowing myself to go much farther in planning than that.

I’ve put some things on the back burner while I prepped for these two competitions, and it is time to get back to other projects that need my attention.

What I am looking forward to is a new goal, new workout and eating plans, and a fun Summer with my hubby. My goal will be to add lean muscle without gaining body fat. I also plan to slowly increase my calorie and carb intake so I can train my body to metabolize more food and carbs without storing fat. (When I say slowly, I mean like 5 grams of carbs and 20-30 calories a week.)


Today I jumped right back into my meal prepping ways. I will be eating pretty much the same meals I was a couple weeks out from the show. That way I can let my body adjust back into a routine and hopefully maintain my physique.


I am excited about having more variety of foods again, and almond butter is thankfully back in my life. (I tried cashew butter too and it is AMAZEBALLS.)

Hubby and I made homemade guac today and it was delicious. We’re going to try a new recipe every Friday night now, since we don’t have to eat our separate meals anymore!


I won’t stop making goals and busting my butt to reach them. Every experience is a lesson. I learned an important one yesterday, and clearly it was one I had to learn the hard way.

I set a goal and I went for it. That alone is something to be proud of.


One thought on “Hanging Up My Clear Heels (for now)

  1. great job Melanie,
    it is all perspective. Only those in the show circuit arena can understand your feelings and the rest of us know how great you look and imagine how great you must feel. Life goes on with better understanding. Keep perspective on all aspects of life and congratulate yourself.

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