Humble Beginnings

Today I am humbled in the best way.

As someone new to Personal Training, I never pass up the chance to learn from others in the field who have much more knowledge and experience than myself.


Today I had the chance to train with Reggie Young, a Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur, and all-around motivator.

It was FREAKIN’ awesome.

I must say, he kicked my BUTT and I was struggling but I loved every moment of that struggle. No matter how hard you work yourself, someone else can always push you 300x harder.

Even though I’ve been working out for years and know more about health and fitness than many people, I recognize the fact there is SO MUCH I don’t know, and the only way to learn more and be better is to open myself up and be a STUDENT to those who know more than me.

After my torture training session with Reggie, I listened to a new audiobook on the drive home that was a PERFECT way to drive this message home.


Georges St. Pierre is my favorite athlete. His book talks about the path to achieving success, reaching a goal, and being your best at whatever it is you set out to do.

Georges talks about being a student- the more you learn, the more there IS to learn, and what a wonderful, magical experience that is.


Never stop learning.

Never stop growing.

Stay humble. Stay open. Stay strong.

When your time comes, you’ll be ready.


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