What’s Beautiful

What’s beautiful to you?

Confident, strong, hard working and tough women are beautiful to me.

Under Armour Women agrees, and they’ve launched a new campaign to “redefine the female athlete.”


It’s an opportunity for women to declare goals, and share their journeys as they reach and achieve those goals.

I’ve followed one of the previous winners on Instagram for a while, and having the chance to see her document her hard work and success was motivating and inspiring.

When I heard about the new round starting Tuesday, I signed up right away!


My goal is to win a fitness competition, master 10 consecutive pull-ups, inspire others, and love and respect myself throughout this process. I will be posting videos and pictures for the next eight weeks to show how I’m doing.

Your goal doesn’t have to be specific, it just has to be something you commit to working to achieve.

Ladies I encourage you to sign up! There are great prizes, including Under Armour gift bags, and three winners get a trip and a chance to train with UA Women!!


If you are interested in signing up, go to whatsbeautiful.ua and check it out. Look me up too and let’s create a team!

Setting goals, reaching them and inspiring others to do the same- now THAT is beautiful.


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