New Show, New Goals

Today I am four weeks out from my next competition.


Before the first show I decided if I placed in the top three I would do the INBF Tri-State in May.

This show is within the same federation as the Buckeye Classic, and since I already did my polygraph testing and paid my membership fee, the entry cost was low. Plus it’s in nearby Dayton, so minimal travel, and my body is already in shape for a show.

Pretty much the day after the competition I started focusing on how I could bring a stronger package to the stage next time.

It was such a rush being up there, and I enjoyed it so much and did so well for my first time. I knew I had to do it again as soon as possible!


My initial thoughts were that I need to be fuller on stage, work to make my posing more natural and less rigid, tone down my hair and make-up, and get a much better tan.

I met with my coach to recap the show and get her thoughts on how I could improve.


Kendra confirmed what I suspected. I needed to eat more the day before the show and more rice cakes during pump up before going on stage.

She said I wasn’t too lean, but a little small, which can be helped with more food. I was so afraid to eat too much because I was terrified I would bloat, but now I know better.

Backstage before finals I heard one competitor say she had eaten two bags of rice cakes that day. She looked lean and ripped and placed first in her class.


The feedback from the judges was interesting. From their scores, they were totally split on me. Two ranked me 5th, but two ranked me 1st! The other two were split between 3rd and 4th, which I guess is how I ended up 3rd.

It makes you wonder what the judges are looking for when they can be that split. Seeing two first placings made me feel pretty good though.

The comments from the judges were that I need to increase size and conditioning overall and darken my tan. The other comment I was given was just “very nice.”

I’ll take that 🙂


With only four weeks until I am back on stage, I am not going to be able to add size (that will be a project for the off-season), so I’m focused on maintaining what I have and hitting the weights as hard as I can for the next two weeks.

So far I haven’t gained (or lost) any weight since the show, so I’m being very careful with my calories to ensure I don’t go up or down until peak week.

The good news is I can improve my conditioning, but I am going to have to practice, practice, practice as much as possible. I didn’t do enough posing practice before the first show and it hurt me. I will not make that mistake again.

As far as the tan situation, I am already taking steps to be sure that is taken care of. I refuse to do bed tanning because of the health risks, but I hope going to a reputable salon with experience tanning competitors and getting multiple sprays a few days out will fix the problem.


My first show was such an amazing experience and I’m committed to making the second one even better!

It will be tough because this time, I’m on my own. I won’t have Coach Kendra there to help me prep backstage or cheer me on from the audience.

I’m bummed about that but she taught me so much, and I’m hopeful I can use that knowledge to pull off a successful show.


And I won’t be completely alone. My husband Jason has agreed to come on as my “coach” and will be there with me every step of the way. He’s got a lot to learn about the whole process, but he’s my biggest supporter and my partner in everything and it will be fun to take on this new challenge together.

Team Ash!

Pro Card here we come!


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