You Have a Goal, Now Go Get It!

Now that I’ve competed in my first fitness competition, set a goal and reached it, I’m able to take a step back and look at the whole experience from the standpoint of what I’ve learned and how my experience can help others.

You may have no interest in ever doing something as extreme as competing, but all of us have goals when it comes to our health, fitness, diet and lifestyle.

No matter what that goal is, you have everything needed to achieve it, already inside of you.

You just need to believe in yourself and be willing to put in the work to make it happen.


When I finally decided to compete, the first thing I did was write a blog post about it, and share it with everyone I know.

Writing down your goal makes it tangible. Sharing it with others makes you accountable.

Your friends and family will check in on your progress, and (hopefully) cheer you on, which can be much needed encouragement.

You may even find someone with a similar goal to share your journey with!


Along the way, remember you will have good and bad days. Don’t get discouraged. Throughout my prep the one thing I did that made a HUGE difference in my success, was maintain a positive attitude.

Think of why you chose this particular goal, and how you will feel when you reach it.

Take time to enjoy every little bit of progress, no matter how small.


Speaking of progress- take pictures! You’ve all seen me posting my “selfies” each week leading up to the show. It’s not just about showing off your progress, but it also gives you something to compare along the way so you can visually SEE your body change. Plus, when your friends and family comment about how great you look, it will motivate you to keep pushing.


Most importantly, enjoy the journey. No goal is worth feeling miserable or as if you are punishing yourself.

Chose a goal that makes you feel healthy, strong and confident. It could be anything from running a race, to lowering your cholesterol, to fitting into a certain pair of jeans.

It is not about “losing weight” or “looking good in a bikini.” It’s about challenging yourself to be the best version of you. Taking on a goal or obstacle and crushing it.

I can honestly tell you there is no better feeling!

Feel free to share your goal here or on my Facebook page. Writing it down is the first step and I’d love to cheer you on and help keep you accountable!


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