Competition Day!

Less than 12 hours after taking third place in my first fitness competition, I’m already thinking about what I can improve on and how I can do better next time.


If I’m being honest, I was a little disappointed at first. I had my heart set on winning and felt so good with my performance, I really thought I had a good chance.

But third place out of eight beautiful, strong, hard working women is AMAZING and especially for my first show and not a novice category.

That’s something I should be proud of.


Yesterday was the most awesome day. I loved every second of it, from getting pretty with hair and makeup, to being backstage seeing and meeting all the other competitors, to watching my coach, Kendra Stiffler, prepare for and then take 4th place in her first Pro show.


Kendra kept me pumped and ready with a mix of rice cakes, candy bars and red wine. Sounds crazy, but it WORKS! I felt like a super star on stage and it showed.


I cannot say enough about Kendra and Team AD/AC, a small but mighty group of people who made this experience ten times better than it ever would have been without them.

Their knowledge, expertise, and calm made my day stress free and a breeze.

Getting to be on stage with my teammate, Megan, seeing her kill it, and both of us making top five was more than I could have hoped for.


Now for the critique.

That’s me in the middle. The girl on the left took first, the girl on the right was second.

You can see physically, we are similar. They both were beautiful and had rockin’ bodies.

When I look at this picture I think I look a little too skinny next to these ladies. My upper body is solid, but I think I may have come in a little too lean, especially in my waist.

Because I was pushing to lean out my legs, I may have cut too soon and leaned out a little too much. My waist just kept shrinking and shrinking, and my legs just couldn’t catch up.

Of course it is hard to know exactly what the judges are thinking, but I’m already focusing on a few changes for my next show:

– build more muscle in my quads and tighten my thighs up
– develop a more “relaxed” look with my posing. I think it may have come off a little hard and stiff
– build out my abs so my midsection doesn’t look so skinny
– less tan on my face. My make-up was beautiful but it was hard to tell because my skin was sooo dark


So… What’s next?

I will DEFINITELY compete again. Right now, I’m deciding on potentially doing the INBF Tri-State May 18. It’s the same federation, and travel wise it would be convenient. I plan to talk it over with my husband and Coach Kendra. The question will be whether or not I can make some changes to my body between now and then that will give me a better shot at first.

So.. We’ll see. I’m looking to get back out there as soon as possible!


For the immediate future, I’m resting today and enjoying some time with my husband. I can’t say enough how incredibly supportive and patient he has been throughout this process. I owe him so much and he deserves a day devoted to anything and everything BUT fitness.

I’m going to up my calories a little bit and bring back a few foods I’ve been missing, but my meal plan won’t change too much. I love healthy and clean foods, so competition diet for me is not a temporary thing, but a lifestyle.

In the gym, I’ll take a week or so off of heavy lifting. I still plan to workout, but take it easy and do whatever I feel like that day, just to get my heart pumping and work up a sweat.


Not that I haven’t been a little bad!

Fitness competitors are known for indulging in a big meal after a competition. It’s a well deserved reward and relief after weeks of dedication and refraining from calories, fat and sugar.

Last night all I wanted was to go home, eat my yummy lean ground turkey balls and jasmine rice that I had in my cooler, and drink a big glass of water. I didn’t want pizza or a big fatty meal.

But I did treat myself to a small ice cream sundae, a chocolate chip cookie, and more than a few spoonfuls of almond butter.

After four mini Twix bars and eight ounces of red wine during Pre-show pump, that was enough.

I don’t feel too sick this morning but my body did let me know it wasn’t too happy with artificial sugar suddenly reappearing in my diet.


This morning I feel a bit like Cinderella. The make-up, jewelry, suit and heels are off. The tan is already starting to fade. Soon I will be back to my normal, pale, everyday self.

But for one day, I lived a dream.

And that alone makes me a winner.


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