The Final Touches

The spray tan is on, my suitcase and cooler are packed, meals ready and game face on.

After weeks of workouts, counting macros, and posing my ass off, today it was time to put the finishing touches on all my hard work!


First up was check-in to fill out paperwork and get my number. I also got to take my first polygraph test! The federation I’m competing in is all-natural bodybuilding, so everyone has to take a polygraph saying they have not used any banned substances.

That part was a little intimidating at first, but no big deal since I was telling the truth. 🙂


This morning I woke up feeling seriously lean and a little flat.

But after a few delicious carb-heavy meals, my muscles looked fuller and I still felt lean.

Yay carbs!

Spray tanning was quite an experience (my first time) and after a minor…ok MAJOR freak out event, my tan is on and looking good.

It’s amazing what that tan look does. I felt like I lost 5 pounds instantly!


Tomorrow I will put forth my very best on stage. I will give this opportunity everything I have.

I hope my progress inspires others to believe in their own dreams, and their own ability to make them come true.


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