Pinch Me I’m Dreaming

Today was by far the toughest day of my entire competition prep.

And today wasn’t even that bad. Knowing it was just one day (and tomorrow I get to eat-carbs!) made it easier to get through.

Diet today was all lean proteins and asparagus. Yummy stuff to me, but for the first time in this process, I was truly HUNGRY.

Like hunger pains hungry.

And I had noticeably less energy and felt tired and sleepy when usually I don’t.

Thankfully I was supposed to take it easy in the gym because I think having to push through an intense workout would have taken everything I had.

I did some light upper body work and a nice long stretch session, and walked (slowly!) on the treadmill just to get my blood flowing.

After a square meal of chicken and asparagus and a great PT session with a client, my energy was back and I’ve been feeling pretty good ever since.


My fridge is now packed with meals for tomorrow and show day. Carbs! Yay! I’d actually gotten quite comfortable with lower carbs, but the change will be nice. For years I was a carb “over-eater” which I believe caused my body to hang onto fat. The great thing about this prep is it helped me figure out what a good carb balance is for me, depending on if I am bulking, maintaining, or cutting.

I firmly believe in eating clean carbs, and never advocate super low or no-carb diets. Even in prep I only cut carbs very low for 2 days.


I got a first look at some of my photo shoot pics today and I am THRILLED with how they turned out. I could not have asked for better from the photographer (Jen Daher with JEM Photography in Toledo check her out). She perfectly captured the image I want for myself and my business.


The high that I’m feeling is so awesome, a little hunger cannot bring me down.

Something I’ve dreamed about for so long and used to think was impossible is coming true before my eyes.

It isn’t chance or fate. It is the result of determination, focus, hard work, and perseverance.

But if you want something bad enough, let nothing stand in your way.

Dreams can come true.


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