Numbers Don’t Lie (or Matter)

My first thought when I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror was “I’m skinny as hell today!”

That’s not necessarily a good thing, skinny is not the look I’m going for.

Actually, lean would be a better word. Today I feel lean as hell.


In spite of water loading and bloat from other unfortunate developments (ladies, you know what I’m talking about) I definitely went down from yesterday which is awesome.

My weight today was 107. I haven’t weighed that since college. I’m shooting for 105 for stage so we will see what happens in the next couple of days.


Coach Kendra did my body fat yesterday and it was 13% which is pretty good. (Did I mention I was bloated??) That is down 3% from the last time we measured so hooray for that!

Even though I’m throwing out my numbers, I want to stress what’s most important is how I look and feel.

I may be lean and down in weight but my muscles ARE starting to look flat, which is not what you want on stage. That’s why I have Friday to carb up and hopefully fill them back out before Saturday.


I just cooked a literal butt-load of asparagus, all for tomorrow.

After tomorrow, no more veggies, so I realized I had better use up what we had in the house so it doesn’t go to waste.

Also I’m pretty sure I will be hungry enough to eat it all tomorrow anyway.

Is it Saturday yet?!?!


2 thoughts on “Numbers Don’t Lie (or Matter)

  1. That is a lot of asparagus for one day.. I have recently discovered it and always forget about the asparagus side effects, and that’s when I eat like 5 spears. I can only imagine.. hehe.

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