The Final Days

Four days.

That’s it!

It’s almost here!

I’m so excited for this competition I can hardly stand it. The next few days are jam packed and full of planning, preparing, packing and posing!

It’s hard to believe I feel this good… Maybe that’s just rookie confidence.

But right now I just want to get up on that stage and rock it!


To be honest, I am not 100% satisfied with my body, I’m frustrated that my legs haven’t come in better and I feel the tone and definition of my upper body is not matched in my lower body.

We have yet to see how depletion will affect that, but I think it would be wishful thinking to believe too much will change significantly.

To counteract my lower body issues I’ve been concentrating on flexing my legs and posing them as much as possible. Since they aren’t impressive on their own I am going to have to really work to make them shine.

My other focus this week has been stage presence. Getting comfortable in the heels and walking like I own it! Confidence counts for so much- if you act like you think you’re the sh*t, people will believe it.

Diet is bare bones this week. Pretty much asparagus and chicken until Friday. Good thing I love it 🙂


I have actually had to hold back in the gym. I have plenty of energy and I’m so driven I just want to KILL It. But the work there has already been done, and I keep reminding myself to pull back and be careful not to wear myself out before Saturday.

Today I took some time to get my nails done with Coach Kendra. It was a nice break from the grind and a much needed release.

Throughout this process I’ve tried to do things in the healthiest way I can, taking care not only of my body but also my emotional and mental state. I want this to be a positive experience, and one that allows me to learn and grow.

Now it’s just pushing through the final days.

The finish line is in sight.


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