Ten Days

Admittedly I’ve fallen off the blog wagon a little again.

I’ve been pretty busy focusing on my workouts and practicing my posing. I also took on a couple new PT clients so free time has been limited.

The show is in ten days. A week from Saturday. I feel surprisingly calm, not really the least bit nervous but really excited for it to get here.

I told my coach maybe I’m not anxious or worried because of ignorance. I have never competed before and don’t know what to expect, but on a personal level I feel pretty satisfied.


Cutting has been going well and literally I am leaner and see new muscle definition everyday. This is keeping my motivated as the diet gets tougher to deal with.

Calories are at about 1150 a day right now. That’s very low and not recommended for most people. Keep in mind I eat a LOT of veggies which means I am eating more food than you might think but able to keep calories low.

Fasted cardio is how I start every morning. I like the feeling of working out first thing in the morning and knowing no matter what happens that day, at least I got one workout in.

It is not something I could keep up on a regular basis just because of my tough schedule, but knowing it is only for a short time makes it do able.

Peak week begins Saturday and I’m actually excited. A new routine and plan to follow will help keep me motivated and give me something to focus on.


What I am really looking forward to is seeing how my body responds when I drop the excess water, and especially the tan! I’m so pale and I know when I’m tan my muscle definition will show a lot more.

Ten days- nose to the grindstone and staying strong. Maybe my confidence is ignorance, but ignorance is bliss!


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