Two Weeks to Go!

In some ways I can’t believe my first fitness competition is only two weeks away. But in other ways, I feel like I’ve been preparing FOREVER and I can’t believe it isn’t here yet!!

I first made the decision to pursue competing last Fall. Originally I planned to do the Arnold Amateur in February, so I started prepping in November.

My first goal was to drop body fat because I knew that was my biggest challenge, and I thought I would be competing bikini so I was less concerned with muscle development.


The picture on the left above is from early November. At that point I started doing a half hour of fasted cardio every morning before work. I kept my eating super clean and calories low.

Admittedly I had a few bad days over Christmas and indulged more than I’d wanted too. As January began I tried to refocus and develop a solid plan for the next few weeks.

It was at this point I made the decision to compete in April at the Buckeye Classic instead of the Arnold. I knew I needed more time to prepare and the Arnold is just too big for a first show.

Changing to the Buckeye meant competing in figure instead of bikini. Right away I changed my focus to adding muscle. That meant increasing calories and increasing protein intake, cutting out most cardio and hitting the weights HARD.


It wasn’t until I met Coach Kendra at the beginning of February that things really came into focus. I learned all about posing and after seeing her physique, immediately turned my focus to growing my back, lats, shoulders and quads.

I’m really pleased with my growth over the last eight weeks. As I move into the final stretch, my focus turns to dropping body fat and getting as lean as possible. My diet won’t change much from here (except peak week) so it is just a matter of staying on track and avoiding temptations.


It gets tough at times having been so disciplined for so long. But because I’ve worked so hard for so many weeks and months I remind myself how far I’ve come and know I can’t give up now.

When I first made the decision officially to compete, the goal was just to DO it. Something to say I’d done. Somewhere along the way, my confidence grew and my mindset changed. I am doing this competition to WIN it.

I firmly believe if I put in everything I have and give it my very best, there’s no reason why I can’t.


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