Lower Body Blast

As a general rule, the first place you gain weight is the last place you will lose it, and vice versa.

This is pretty much predetermined genetically.

For me, it means when I lose weight, immediately I drop inches from my waist (which is why my abs popped so soon in my prep) but fat in my lower body hangs on until the very end.

I’ve seen some progress in my legs, quite a bit actually in my hips, but my thighs and booty are just hanging on to that fat for dear life.

Normally I work legs at least twice a week. During this prep I spent a lot of time working on sculpting my hamstrings and glutes. Now I’m turning my focus to my quads. They aren’t popping at all in my posing and show little to no definition even though I KNOW there is muscle there.


Mondays and Thursdays are my leg days. I do different exercises those days and try to hit the muscle groups as completely as possible between those two workouts.

Today I am really sore in the upper part of my quads and outer glutes. I love being sore because DOMS means progress!!

Yesterday’s leg workout with focus on quads/glutes:

Warm-up- 4 x 15 Smith machine squat lighter weight
Smith machine squat with heels on plate- 4 x 15
Single leg/Pistol squat- 4 x 15
Single leg quad extension 4 x 10
Curtsy lunge with heavy kettle bell- 4 x 15
Jumping switch lunges- 4 x 10
Glute push down on assisted pull-up machine- 4 x 15

I finished this with 30 minutes of sprint intervals on the Spin bike.

For lower body, I keep the reps in the higher range to really fatigue the muscle. I use weights as heavy as I can go and still keep proper form. I don’t post my weight amounts because every one is at a different level and should determine on their own what failure is for them.

With two and a half weeks to go, hopefully my lower body will catch up to my upper body and abs soon!!


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