Water Logged

Water, water, everywhere… So many drops to drink!

One of the things I stress to all my clients, group ex class members and everyone I know is the importance of drinking LOTS of water everyday. I myself make a point to carry a water bottle with me at all times and I definitely drink a lot.

However I was a little embarrassed when Coach Kendra asked me exactly how much water I am drinking a day, and I had to honestly answer.. I don’t know.


Starting today I am officially a cliche- one of those “gym rats” who carries around a huge plastic jug of water.

I need to be sure I am drinking 1.5-2 gallons daily, and the only way I can truly keep track is if all my water comes from this one jug.

Of course I don’t drink directly from it (too big) but instead I now fill this one and use it to refill my smaller bottle that I then use throughout the day, at work, the gym and home.


If I drink three of these it is nine quarts, more than two gallons. For peak week I need to drink 2.5 gallons a day, so I am working my way up.


From here on out the struggle will be more mental than physical. Sure, I will be battling lower energy due to a restrictive diet, but I can usually find the motivation to push through my workouts.

Mentally, however, it’s a battle of wills and self-doubt. Conquering cravings and sticking to the diet will challenge my willpower. I keep reminding myself, it’s only a couple weeks, not forever.

While most days I’m feeling pretty secure with where my body is and confident in the final result, there are certainly times I question.. Will I lean out enough? Will this fat on my legs ever go away? Am I doing everything I can to get my body on point?

These thoughts aren’t going to go away but keeping them in check is essential to success. I firmly believe we control our own happiness. We choose to have a positive attitude, or a negative one. You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.


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