My Take on Supplements

Since I started documenting my competition prep, I’ve talked about my diet and training regimens. One thing I haven’t really touched on that does play an important role in prep is supplements.


I’m somewhat hesitant to share much about my own personal supplementation plan for a couple of reasons.
1) I’m by no means and expert and only recently starting using supplements regularly.
2) There are many differing opinions on supplementation as a whole, and some debate as to whether or not it can be harmful to your body.
3) I believe in clean, healthy eating and think most nutrition should come from whole foods. Supplements should be used for just that- to supplement a healthy diet. They are not a substitute, replacement or shortcut to health or weight loss.
4) As a Personal Trainer, it is outside my scope of practice to suggest or encourage use of any supplements.

That said, full disclosure, I do use supplements. I’ve used whey protein after my workouts for years to help rebuild and repair my muscles. I also regularly use a preworkout supplement for energy and to help me push harder when I lift.


For competition prep I have added a few other supplements to help me reach my goals. I am not going to share what they are simply because I don’t want someone looking at my photos and thinking if they take what I take they will look like me. Supplements are just one piece of a very rigorous and specific-to-me overall plan.

A daily multi-vitamin, fish oil and probiotic are part of my regular routine that are safe for most people and a good way to round out a healthy, clean diet. These supplements just help ensure your diet is balanced and you are getting enough of the many vital nutrients your body needs.

If you really want to explore supplementation for your own personal health and fitness journey, my advice is do your research. Find a fitness personality or expert you trust and read about what they use/suggest. Just be aware many of these people are sponsored athletes and may be pushing a certain brand or stack because they are paid by the company which makes them.

Proceed with caution. As with anything, when you put something in your body you can never be 100% sure how it is going to affect you. For most people just looking to lose weight, tone up and improve their health, supplementation is probably not necessary to reach your goals. But if you decide to pursue competing or take on a rigorous program, it may be wise to explore how supplements can help you perform your best while preventing some of the inevitable wear and tear on your body.


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