Progress, Practice and Peak Week

Whew- just three weeks now until my show and I can feel prep shifting into overdrive.

At this point there is no room for error. Diet and training need to be on point and posing must be practiced and perfected!

Things seem to be on track. I’m still feeling leaner by the day and diet is good. I’m not starving, depleted or feeling deprived.


Meeting with my coach this week, I got some great insight into what the final week of prep will be like. Competitors call this “peak week.” There’s a very strategic plan for the final days leading up to the competition. It’s designed to make your body drop as much water as possible so you get that “extreme lean” stage look, then pump your body up with carbs to fill your muscles out so they look as full as possible on stage.

That’s right- I get to eat like I haven’t in months! The day before and day of the show I get to stuff my face with yummies like sweet potatoes, rice, and rice cakes with peanut butter. I CAN’T WAIT!

I’m not going to share specifics of the plan for peak week, because people pay for this stuff. But I will say I’m excited to know I don’t have to wait until after the show is over to get my belly full!

It’s a great feeling to have the next three weeks mapped out as far as diet and training. Now I can focus on being consistent and working on my posing as much as possible!


My meals are pretty basic right now. Things like lean chicken breast, tilapia, green beans, sweet potato, asparagus, oats, spinach, etc. Most people would probably find that bland and boring but I love whole clean foods!

I am looking forward to adding a little variety back in after the show, however. I typically eat a pretty standard meal plan but its nice to have a meal or two a week that’s different.


Today my Sissy and I did cardio and abs at the gym. We workout together every Saturday. It’s so nice to spend time together and talk while we both get after it!

I highly recommend a training buddy especially if you are someone who has trouble staying motivated to work out. You’re less likely to skip the gym if someone is meeting you there, and a friend can be a motivator to push you when you feel like stopping.

Talking about peak week and show day with my coach has me all pumped up- I can’t wait for it to be here! I know I still have work to do but I’m so happy with how far I’ve come already that if I stepped up on stage tomorrow I would be proud of what I’ve accomplished.


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