Core Strength

I’m doing my best to take this competition prep day by day. My ultimate goal is still in focus, but it’s the hard work put in each day that will get me there.

Thinking too far ahead will just overwhelm, confuse and frustrate me.

Today was my first “lower” carb and calorie day. I held out as long as I could, but it’s time to get serious and cut some things out of my diet.

And truthfully- it’s not even really a sacrifice. In the grand scheme of things, what is giving up a few food items here and there if in the long run it brings me closer to my goal? What do I value more, a few minutes of tasty food, or bringing my best to the stage in 3 1/2 weeks??

That’s a no-brainer.

The cut back of carbs and cals was felt a bit in my workout. I got through it but my energy lagged at the end. Hopefully after a day or so my body will adjust and I will be back to Girl on Fire mode.

Wednesdays are triceps, chest and abs day and I also teach a 45:00 HIIT class.


I have been asked how I got my abs to come in so well (especially my lower abs). I will be honest, while cardio and ab workouts help, diet plays the biggest role. Cutting out processed foods, alcohol and sugar is what really brought my abs in tight and got rid of the belly bloat I’ve carried for years.

For definition I work my abs several times a week. I design ab circuits with the goal of hitting all the muscles of the core: rectus abdominus, interior and exterior obliques, transverse abdominus, and the erector spinae (lower back.)

Here’s today’s circuit. I always try to do high reps and 3-4 rounds to really fatigue the muscles.

Stability ball crunch w/ resistance band (wrap band around pole, hold handles at ears and crunch)-25 reps
Windshield wipers (lie on back, with legs together in the air take them as far to one side as possible without lifting lower back off mat, contract then go to the other side)- 15 per side
Med ball V ups (lie on back with feet straight up in air, hold a med ball overhead and lift to touch feet then simultaneously lower hands behind head and feet as far to the floor as possible without lifting lower back off mat)- 15 reps
Plank on elbows, bring knee to elbow- 20 Per side


Still feeling mean and lean, just pushing through as things start to get a little tougher. With just over three weeks to go there is still time to make progress, but as my coach said- I’d rather be ready at two weeks out than scrambling the last week trying to work off those last few pounds and inches.

Stay focused, stay strong. It will be worth it.


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