Today I’m tired.

My weekend energy surge is starting to wane. I’m still pushing through, but today was a little bit tougher.

I’ve decided to add thirty minutes of fasted cardio to my routine on Tuesday and Thursdays only. These are the days I have Personal Training clients after work, so my gym time can be limited.

Getting the cardio part of my workout in and out of the way will allow me to focus on work and not feel rushed. I will still lift in the afternoons, too.

So I got up about a half hour earlier (1a.m.) and hit the treadmill. I tried to go to bed early but didn’t really make it and then had a somewhat restless sleep.

My run was ok but I felt depleted after. To save time I grabbed a scoop of whey, some blueberries and a few almonds for breakfast and headed to work.


By the time my next meal time was getting close I was really feeling unusually drained and even a little light headed. After I ate I felt better. I think my body just needs to adjust to the change. Any time I cut calories even slightly it takes my body a few days to get on board.

Workout Round Two was back and biceps. I’m still trying to broaden my back as much as I can. I didn’t really have a good plan for today so I kind of went with whatever came to me (I don’t advise this- I always go into a workout with a plan, today was just a fluke).

I did:
Warm-up on row machine for 10 minutes
Pull-up negatives- 10
Reverse pec dec- 3 x 8
High bi-lateral row machine- 3 x 8
Bent-over DB row- 3 x 8
Standing reverse flys- 4 x 8
Push-ups on BOSU- 3 x 10
Incline bicep curls- 3 x 8
Lat pull downs- 3 x 8
Reverse grip pull downs- 3 x 8
Cable curls- 3 x 10
One-arm alt. curls 3 x 6

I’m still doing active rest, jogging in place or doing jumping jacks between sets to keep my heart rate up.

After lifting I was tired but I forced myself to practice posing for ten minutes. I knew if I waited until I got home I would be too tired, so I pushed through and did a few rounds of :30 holds. Posing is something I know I need to work on so I have to make myself do it if I want to be my very best on stage.

Surprisingly, I am down to 111 pounds this week. That’s down about a pound and a half from last week and five pounds from when I started prep in January.

I had been thinking 110 for stage weight, but clearly I need to lower that target! I haven’t had my body fat done recently so I want to have that measured and see where I am and what I want to get to. That will give me a more exact idea of what weight I should aim for.

My goal today is to get to bed early and sleep!! Lack of sleep is the number one motivation killer and I refuse to be a victim.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!


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