Strike a Pose

Today I am feeling on top of the world.

I woke up this morning on fire. My motivation is at a high point. I jumped out of bed ready to work.

My morning cardio was an hour (fasted) jogging intervals on the treadmill. My energy levels stayed high the whole time and I felt great.

After a busy morning of grocery shopping and food prepping for the week, I met with my coach to practice posing.

Here are some shots from today:


(You can really see why the tan is so important on stage- I’m so pale it is hard to see a lot of my muscle definition here.)

After taking a week off from posing, we could really see the progress I’ve made. I have definitely lost some body fat. My posing has also improved but I need to step it up and practice a lot more than I have been.

A little explanation about posing…there are four basic poses as well as a presentation shot of your choosing. The poses are HARD. I’m flexing every muscle like hell in these pics but trying not to look tense and make sure my face doesn’t show it. Oh, and you can’t breathe because you have to hold your abs in tight the entire time.

Flex, don’t breathe, smile and look like you could do this sh*t all day. Got it.

My coach really kicked my butt this week with several rounds of 1:00 holds. I’m exhausted but it is so worth it. If I feel confident I can hold for a minute no problem, when I step on stage I won’t worry about what the judges might throw at me.

So far I’m pleased with the progress of my cutting plan, I’m going to pull a few more things from my diet this week, stay consistent in my workouts and practice those poses!

Eyes on the prize 🙂


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