I’m Not Hungry… I Just Miss Food

Tomorrow marks thirty days from my first fitness (figure) competition. I almost have to pinch myself because I can’t believe it’s that close!

Let’s start with the good news. Today’s workout was awesome. I’ve hit a high point this week in the gym after struggling a bit with low energy last week. So far each of the last three days has been a sweaty success.

My goal right now is to drop body fat without sacrificing too much lean muscle. I want to look shredded onstage, which means getting my fat low but keeping my muscles pumped up. No easy task.


I’m starting to see changes in my body almost daily now and that has me more motivated than ever!

Today I hit chest, triceps and abs and taught my HIIT class for my cardio. Even though I don’t consider my classes “my workout,” I always try to keep my energy really high and stay moving and pumped up because I know it keeps the members going and helps them push harder.

My lift went like this:

Push-ups 3 x 10/superset with 30 mountain climbers
Decline bench press 3 x 8/ superset with decline bench sit-ups
Seated chest press 3 x 8/active rest run in place :30
Tricep dips on bars 4 x 6/active rest run in place :30
Skull crushers 3 x 8/superset with bench dips 3 x 10
Tricep dips on bars 4 x 6/active rest run in place for :30
Tricep push-ups 3 x 10/active rest run in place for :30

Hanging ab raises 3 x 10
Decline bench twists with weighted plate 3 x 10/superset with reverse decline bench curls
Cable rotation for obliques 3 x 10

All of my weight workouts now have super sets or active rest incorporated so that my heart rate stays elevated and I’m burning more calories throughout my workout. I’m even jogging around the weight room when moving between equipment. The added energy is really keeping me upbeat and motivated and I even had a member tell me he was motivated by my “constant movement” LOL.


All that moving paid off because I had a great calorie burn today! The fat burn percentage was high too comparable to the calorie burn so I’m pretty pleased.

Now, the bad news….

I’m hungry. Well, it’s not so much that I’m hungry, I just miss food.

The funny thing is, even before contest prep I was a consistently clean eater and have been very disciplined for years as far as cheats or giving in to cravings. We have cookies and treats at work all the time and I am never tempted. I’ve counted calories and kept to a clean, healthy diet long before I dreamed of stepping on stage.

But there is something about knowing you can’t have it that makes it that much harder to resist. It’s not that I want to cheat, it is just the idea that I can’t that sometimes hurts.

Mostly I’m not actually hungry, I just miss the food. Or the idea of food. Eating is actually a very satisfying thing. It’s pleasurable. We associate it with all kinds of happy things like friends and parties. Separating those fun things from the food is what’s hard.

In reality, I don’t feel deprived, I’m not starving and I’m not miserable. The foods I do eat I love, they are fresh and healthy and delicious. But sometimes I do wish there was more of them.

Trust me, I am not complaining! As my husband (the former high school wrestler) said- this is a choice. I’m doing this because I want to, not because I have to. When I start to feel hungry or miss the food, I just think about how far I’ve come and how much my body has changed already, and how much more I can do in these next 30 days. I’m so excited about the possibilities and the chance to show the very best me on stage, and no amount of food is worth sacrificing that!

Until then…



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