Step and Run

Leg days are my favorite workout days. I love lower body exercises and I love how working the lower body gets the heart rate up and cranks out a good sweat.

But as I headed to the gym today, I just wasn’t feeling the workout I had planned. It was a plyo-metric leg circuit with some cardio burst intervals. I wasn’t really happy with it last week and so I decided there was no point in doing it again and expecting different results.

Cue the lovely Nathalia Melo and Fitness RX for Women! This girl knows how to work a lower body and I couldn’t wait to try her booty-blasting cardio routine.

It’s two 25:00 routines combined, one on a treadmill and the other on the Step Mill. (I prefer sprinting on a track so I altered it a little bit to adjust for lack of incline.)


3:00 jog/warm-up
2:00 run (comfortable pace)
20 x squat jumps
20 x lunges (per leg)
5:00 Burst- :30 sprint/:30 rest

– Repeat

Step Mill

2:00 every step @ 90 speed
1:00 every step @130 speed
20 x squat jumps
20 x lunges (per leg)
2:00 every other step with glute kickback @ 80 speed
5:00 Burst- :30 sprint @ 150 speed/:30 recover @ 50 speed

– Repeat

My legs were toast at the end of this workout and I was a sweaty beast! Nothing feels better than an all out intense cardio workout.

The Step Mill has become something I LOVE to HATE and I know I will be seeing a lot more of as I try to get my lower half tightened up for the Arnold.

Because I am trying to drop some body fat I have increased my cardio quite a bit, and I am starting to lean out a little bit.

One of my other goals is to shave some of the fat off my arms so they look more defined. My bicep is starting to show more so at least it is progress!

What is your favorite body part to work? Do you prefer cardio or lifting weights?


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