Stay on Track on Halloween

As a child, I was a witch almost every year for Halloween.

How ironic, that now as an adult, I’m still a witch on Halloween.

Yes, I’m that horrible, nasty witch who doesn’t hand out candy to Trick-or-Treaters and refuses to indulge in all the sweets dragged into work by others trying desperately to purge it from their homes.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not completely anti-Halloween, although I’d be lying if I said I’m in favor of a holiday centered around acquiring as many sweets as possible.

The reason we don’t hand out candy to the kids is actually because I have a very early bedtime and Trick-or-Treat is just too late for me.

Just to prove I didn’t always shun Halloween, here’s a little picture to show I have participated (and haven’t always exercised great judgement.)

Proof that haven’t always hated Halloween

The upside to being a witch sleeping through Trick-or-Treat, is we don’t have any Halloween candy in our house.  This makes it a lot easier to avoid eating it.

Let’s be honest, if you’re trying to lose weight and eat healthy, Halloween is a tough time. Not only is candy everywhere, it comes in these little bite size packs that mess with your mind. You think, it’s so small, I’ll just have one…

My advice is try your best to stay on the wagon this Halloween and keep away from the candy. If you do indulge, choose one and choose wisely. Don’t fall into a trap of munching just because it’s there. First ask yourself how much you really want it. Will those 30-45 seconds make you feel that much better?

Here are a few other tips you can use to help keep you on track this Halloween:

1) If you’re handing out candy, buy a kind you don’t like (Good & Plenty, anyone?). That way you won’t be tempted to eat it.

2) Set limits for yourself. Allow yourself one piece of candy a day. Since you know you can only have one, you’ll think carefully about which indulgence you select instead of mindlessly snacking all day long.

3) Get the extra candy out of the house. You don’t need it around and your kids won’t miss it. Take it to work (so your co-workers can curse you) or, there are really great programs that ship the candy overseas to soldiers or even dentists who will take the stuff.

4) Chew gum. This one really helps me. When a craving hits, have a piece of gum instead. It will help alleviate the craving and the minty taste will make chocolate much less appealing.

5) Focus on your goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or eat better, write down your goal and carry it with you. When you’re tempted by a treat, remind yourself of your goal and think about which means more to you: reaching that goal or a piece of candy.

Holidays are all about moderation. Go ahead and enjoy Halloween, just don’t let it be an excuse to over indulge.


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